Website Security Audit

Website Security problems are more significant as most applications have a web interface. Many companies only test for functional requirements in application testing.  Our Website Security Assessment is designed to meet best practices for application security. All industry regulations such as PCI Audit requirements for Websites and HIPAA Security requires this type of security. An assessment looks at the source code, the infrastructure, the operating systems and the application functionality. Read More


HIPAA Security

HIPAA Security Rule introduces a variety of organizational and procedural changes that address the confidentiality, availability, integrity and overall security of Electronic Patient Health Information (eHPI) within the HealthCare and Medical Services industry. A complete assessment as required under the HIPAA Security Rule specifications includes on-site interviews with personnel, system analysis, policy and procedure review and remediation suggestions. Read More


Social Media Security

The first step in developing the Secure Social Media (SSM) framework is to put a process in place that can be tracked, measured and monitored over time. A framework for security must anticipate future Social Media developments and how they will impact security. The SSM framework analyzes the security environment and puts it into context of an overall security strategy for the entire corporation, including such departments as Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing and Legal. Read More


Vulnerability Assessments

Technology is frequently mis-configured or mismanaged, which in turn introduces points of weakness into the organization. Every device connected to the network has the potential to allow an attacker in. Vulnerability assessment can be used against many different types of systems such as networked based, host based or application based. Vulnerability Assessments are necessary to identify vulnerabilities, but also are necessary to show changes in the environment over time as the organization grows and changes. Read More

Managed Security Solutions

KRAA Security provides a comprehensive suite of Managed Security Solutions. Our managed services include:
  • Managed Network Vulnerability Scanning
  • Managed Application Vulnerability Scanning
  • Online Security Training
  • Managed Mobile Application Test

Risk Assessment and Compliance Audits

KRAA Security provides a comprehensive suite of Security Consulting and Products that are practical, efficient and cost effective. Our information security consultants and network security specialists conduct corporate security services and IT security risk management. Download our Service Overview sheet. We have a combination of preventative security services.

Recent Blog Post

Do Hospitals Need to Promote Privacy By Limiting The Use of Social Media?

Social media has taken the world by storm, but there are many instances when it has been used inappropriately to abuse privacy. Hospitals, especially, are in danger of this – the privacy levels required in a hospital are high and social media breaks down all barriers of privacy. Social websites like Facebook and Twitter, video websites like YouTube and even blogs have made it easy to pass on information, and since there is no one policing the information, boundaries are crossed easily. The HIPAA Security Rule can be easily broken. Social media security has become very important. Information Security policies are required for HIPAA risk requirements.

Imagine a situation where someone is ill and has to stay in the hospital for a few days. Or where someone is diagnosed with something that people treat as particularly embarrassing, or that holds the threat of death. All it takes is for one person to post a message or a picture taken in the hospital of the patient, and in minutes, the whole world will be able to access the information. If malicious things are said about this patient and they get to hear about it, it might harm their health further. A HIPAA security assessment would be required after such a data breach.

Read More

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