Compliance Solutions E-Discovery and Forensics

E-Discovery and Forensics Analysis

Every regulation and lawsuit has a component of E-Discovery and Forensics.  KRAA Security provides computer forensic services to gather and analyze records from electronic devices to help find the evidence you need to prove your case!

We have one of the most comprehensive service offerings in the industry, ranging from forensic imaging to data recovery and proactive employee monitoring services.

Below is an example of common issues we can assist you with:

  • Divorce, child custody and other marital issues.
  • Family, children, child custody and marital issues.
  • Pornography.
  • Illegally obtained software.
  • Employee productivity issues.
  • Persons involved in civil litigation as the defendant or plaintiff in cases related to sexual harassment, theft of company data, improper termination of employment and other civil matters.
  • Detection and removal of computer malware including viruses, spyware, trojans, etc.
  • Recovery of deleted data.

We provide cost effective, end to end and reliable electronic evidence analysis, combining Data Collection, Processing, Analysis, Reporting and Testimony to individuals, businesses, legal and government organizations. We will also provide you with a complete report about the data after the completion of our analysis.

Recovery and preservation of electronic evidence is the key to successful investigations. Relevant case information often resides on all forms of computer devices: laptop and desktop computers, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, PDAs, Tablet PC’s, cell phones, tape backup devices, databases, and servers.

Our certified investigators use state-of-the-art tools available to ensure the success of any investigation.

Investigators’ Professional Credentials

  • Licensed and Insured
  • ISC2 Certified CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • ACFE CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)
  • AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE)
  • COMPTIA Security+ Certified
Forensics Services

  • Forensic Drive Imaging
  • Chain of Custody Followed When Dealing with Evidence
  • Testify in Court As An Expert Witness
  • Computer Forensics
  • PDA and SmartPhone Forensics (Symbian OS, Apple iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM BlackBerry devices)
  • Electronic Evidence Analysis
  • Expert Witness Service
  • Litigation Support
  • Employee Monitoring Services
  • Full Service Data Recovery (For Damaged Drives)

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