Compliance Solutions HIPAA Security Assessment

HIPAA Security Rule Assessment

HIPAA Security introduces a variety of organizational and procedural changes that address the confidentiality, availability, integrity and overall security of Electronic Patient Health Information (eHPI) within the HealthCare and Medical Services industry. Solution We provide our clients comparative information and baselines against industry standard practices in addition to the HIPAA mandated review items in the Security Rule. A complete assessment as required under the HIPAA risk assessment specifications includes on-site interviews with personnel, system analysis, policy and procedure review and remediation suggestions. KRAA Security offers Consulting Services to help you comply with the HIPAA Security Rule regulations. Our cost effective approach to security and compliance makes it affordable to any size healthcare organization to be in compliance without cutting any corners. Our comprehensive HIPAA Security assessment service offers and approach based on a five-layer process, tightly integrated with our client’s environment and needs.
  • Increase security processes and awareness
  • Assess the current state of security
  • Develop a comprehensive HIPAA Security policy and authorization levels
  • Implement an enterprise-wide security solution
  • Hand-off and assist in maintaining a secure, compliant posture

Compliance Software

KRAA Security uses the Razient compliance software to streamline the assessment process, collaborate between our staff and the client and reduce the cost of conducting an assessment.
  • The Razient software-as-a-service application walks through each step of the assessment taken by our consultants
  • Each question is tracked and documentation collected in a centralized portal, ensuring no step is missed
  • Recommendations for each gap are already developed for quick remediation
hipaa security assessment