Darkweb Credential Monitoring

Passwords Are The Weakest Link In Cybersecurity

Our credential verification service helps organizations detect compromised credentials before hackers do. We use the same data attackers do, proactively monitoring the dark web and systematically reducing user‑centric risk.

We provide the best approach to eliminate the biggest cause of massive data breaches, the weak and/or stolen password. We continuously monitor the dark web for stolen databases and identities, and maintains the encrypted data in our proprietary database. When integrated with an IAM solution, we can provide superior visibility into user-centric risk and the ability to automate appropriate corrective actions, preventing the abuse of compromised credentials.

How the Process Works
  • You will provide us with the users that need to be monitored
  • Our automated platform identifies compromised accounts
  • Reports are generated and we will provide analysis and recommendations
Key value propositions include:
  • Prevent stolen credentials from being used during logon
  • Outsource legal liabilities of handling breach data
  • Automate response and remediation to known data breaches
  • Masking and encryption for maximum privacy and data protection
  • Complement 2FA and MFA
Client Benefits
  • Proactive knowledge or compromised accounts
  • Reduce threat vectors from compromised accounts
  • Monitor accounts on a monthly basis
  • Consistent and repeatable testing
  • Comply with industry-driven regulatory requirement
  • Fixed fee