Risk Assessment Business Continunity

Business Continunity Audit

ny compliance objectives mandate BCP programs in order to ensure the availability of data and services in the event of a business interruption. In recent years there have been notable natural disasters that have helped raise awareness for the need of BCP planning at organizations. IT departments lack the expertise and staff to start or maintain existing BCP programs, leaving companies at risk of data loss and or the ability to conduct business as required by agreement.


KRAA Security provides consultant’s experienced in BCP to help maximize IT budgets and meet corporate goals. We will meet you where you are. We can manage new BCP programs or existing programs that require updating, testing, or expansion. Our consultants can architect, develop, test, and provide training side by side with your IT staff, freeing up most of their time to work on core projects.

How the Process Works

KRAA Security will lead the BCP project. We perform an initial discovery of BCP requirements, known risks, and existing BCP programs through interviews and discovery. We provide a conceptual BCP plan which is designed to be the most effective at the lowest cost. Project plans are then developed in accordance with key staff members.

BCP Life Cycle:

  • Legal requirements
  • Service level agreements
  • BCP Architecture
  • BCP Project plan
  • BCP documentation
  • BCP Testing

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