Risk Assessment Host Security Assessment

Host Security Assessment

Internal hosts can be vulnerable to a number of attacks if they are not tested through means other than network assessment. An application running on a critical server may allow an attacker access. Host Security Assessments are critical but frequently are not done on a scheduled, timely basis. In many organizations, a baseline host configuration standard is not used, or critical servers are placed on the network before being tested for vulnerabilities either in the operating system or the applications running.

Solution Host Security Assessment is used to determine the security posture of critical servers in your environment. We conduct automated tests of the operating system and application-level security issues and check administrative and technical controls. Identified weaknesses and potential weaknesses are mapped against the risk level to the organization and recommendations are made. We analyze your host security policies and procedures and your risk classification standards for information assets. Key areas we look at include but are not limited to:

  • Secure configuration
  • Separation of privileges
  • Logging and auditing
  • Account Management and Security
  • File Management and Security
  • Patch Level
  • Network Security
  • General Security Management
  • Intrusion detection methods
  • Disaster recovery measures
The key servers that are selected for diagnostic review will cover the following aspects of security:
  • Review security of servers and determine what vulnerabilities exist
  • Logging and auditing review
  • Account management and security
  • Patch and remediation process analysis
  • General Security Management on an ongoing basis