Risk Assessment Website Security Assessment

Website Security Assessment

Security risks have moved beyond the network and operating systems. Website Security Assessment problems are more significant in the application and access to data through applications and website security audits are necessary. Many companies only test for functional requirements in application testing but not for website vulnerabilities. Solution Our Website Security Assessment is designed to meet best practices for application security. All industry regulations such as PCI Audit requirements for websites, HIPAA Security and Red Flag requires website security assessments and website security scanning. An assessment looks at the source code, the infrastructure, the operating systems and the application functionality. There are many areas of weaknesses that have to be addressed both from a technical and nontechnical approach. All Website Security Assessments will involve but not limited to the following methodologies:
  • Analysis of data access requirements
  • Source code analysis
  • Source sifting
  • Site design
  • File system traversal
  • Input validation
  • Transport mechanism
  • Business Logic, Functional Specification & Implementation
  • Authentication
  • Access Control & Authorization
  • Session Management
  • Error Condition Handling & Exception Management
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Analysis of tools needed to ensure secure code development
  • Analyze training regime for secure application development
  • Understand the business requirements of the applications
  • Develop a threat analysis and monitoring solution for application security
  • Develop policies to address future risk to applications
How the Process Works Our Website Security Assessment approach is to provide a standard methodology to follow and provide your developers and implementation specialists a guideline for secure website application deployment. We provide technical recommendations with mitigating controls and policies and procedures to keep your website secure over time. This should be part of your overall Security Architecture processes.