Risk Assessment Wireless Risk Assessment

Wireless Risk Assessment

Wireless security has become both an internal and external problem. Companies are implementing wireless infrastructures internally but do not properly secure them. Employees can setup wireless access to the internal corporate infrastructure to bypass security controls or access the network from insecure wireless networks on the road or at home. This poses an entry point into the network that can be hard to control, monitor and audit.


We can provide a Wireless risk assessment that looks at the infrastructure you have setup, policies and procedures in place, test the implementation for vulnerabilities and provide guidance on securing future wireless architectures against emerging threats.

Key aspects of the wireless assessment include:

  • Scalability and features of current systems
  • Authentication & Encryption controls in use
  • Detect rogue wireless AP’s
  • Penetration testing of the wireless setup
  • Review encryption measures being used for wireless communications
  • Review the wireless access of handheld devices that connect to the corporate network
  • Test the wireless network for the ability to withstand a Denial of Service attack
  • Test the infrastructure to gain unauthorized access to networks and systems
  • Review network diagrams of wireless networks and protocols
  • Review policies and procedures pertaining around wireless networking
  • Provide a gap analysis of those policies and procedures against best practices

How the Process Works

Our staff will be on-site to review policies and procedure and interview your IT staff. We will conduct automated and manual testing from internal and external perspectives. Once testing is completed, we provide a detailed technical report on the findings and recommended solutions. You may choose to have us do a retest using only automated techniques after you have completed the recommended fixes.

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