Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability scanning is the systematic identification, analysis and reporting of technical security vulnerabilities that unauthorized parties and individuals may use to exploit and threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business and technical data and information. External vulnerability scanning specifically examines an organization’s security profile from the perspective of an outsider or someone who does not have access to systems and networks behind the organization’s external security perimeter. Your external IPs be scanned once a year, once a quarter or monthly.

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Mobile Application Scanning


Mobile platforms by default make certain promises about their environment. Development teams should not rely on these promises to protect critical data and code. Architecture review and threat modeling process will includes assessing and documenting security risks in the context of use cases, services, roles and functions unique to your application. The threat modeling is performed in collaboration with your business, engineering, operations and corporate security teams to understand and create the system’s security objectives, threat profile, attacks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures from design to deployment.

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Darkweb Credential Monitoring


We provide the best approach to eliminate the biggest cause of massive data breaches, the weak and/or stolen password. We continuously monitor the dark web for stolen databases and identities, and maintains the encrypted data in our proprietary database. When integrated with an IAM solution, we can provide superior visibility into user-centric risk and the ability to automate appropriate corrective actions, preventing the abuse of compromised credentials.

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New Book: Securing the Clicks: Network Security in the Age of Social Media

Social Media Security

Have you had a social media audit? Protect your organization from devastating social media attacks with instruction from a team of information security experts. Learn how to conduct social media audits with Securing the Clicks: Network Security in the Age of Social Media.  It explains the latest threats along with detailed fixes, best practices, and “from the headlines” case studies. Find out how to analyze social media risk, implement robust security protocols, and enforce social media policies. Regulatory compliance such as HIPAA Security in social media, online reputation management processes, and incident response are also covered in this comprehensive social media security book.
  • Assess your global social media presence and identify vulnerabilities and conduct social media audits
  • Establish solid social media security policies at every level of your organization
  • And much more, read on Amazon
Co – Author Gary Bahadur is the founder and CEO of KRAA Security, which protects organizations from threats through a combination of prevention services. He was the cofounder and CIO of Foundstone, Inc.