Social Media Security
  • Social Media Security Assessment – The first step in developing a Secure Social Media (SSM) framework is to put a process in place that can be tracked, measured and monitored over time. A framework for security must anticipate future Social Media developments and how they will impact security. READ MORE
  • Policy DevelopmentKRAA Security provides an analysis of your current policies and determines if any best practice gaps need to be addressed. We can develop a new Social Media Policy for your organization based on an environmental analysis and company specific data. Our policy development process will provide guidelines, requirements, and training regimens along with best practices specific to your organization. READ MORE

What is a good starting point for implementing a Social Media Policy?

(Follow this basic guideline) Define a policy – You cannot assume employees will do the right thing without guidance. You already have things like Expense Policies, Acceptable Use Policies, and Internet Use Policies. Write a basic guideline. What is in this guideline will vary from company to company. Information Classification – You have to explicitly define what information can be shared and what information should not be sent out over Facebook or Twitter.  If your employees do not know how valuable information is then you cannot blame them for inadvertently being sucked into the blogosphere. Keep It professional – If you allow your employees to Socialize information about your company, you have to give them standards to follow. Things like cursing, grammar mistakes, and casual conversation style discussions might not be the image you want to portray when discussing anything related to your company. Tracking and Monitoring – If you are going to have a policy, you have to have a mechanism for tracking compliance, reporting on activity, and enforce consequences for breaking that policy. Conclusion A baseline set of requirements has to be agreed upon between IT and HR and Legal departments to implement a secure social media strategy.  This list of requirements can include:
  • Defining the necessity for monitoring community managers and employees use of social media
  • Understand and update security threats to social media platforms used by the company and monitor employee activity on affected platforms
  • Monitor reaction and change in behavior based on training
  • Monitor sites mentioning the company
  • Track tools used by employees in social media usage
  • Monitor activity of other organizations in your industry
  • Monitoring and report on what online communities are saying about your company
  • Track the influencer’s in your industry and those specific to you brand
  • Monitor your competitor’s use of social media
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