Social Media Security Policy Development

Social Media Security Policy Development

Social Media is being utilized today within organizations with a lack of true oversight and defined policies and procedures. Social Media channels permeate most departments in an organization including Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, and Legal.

Without a strong Social Media Policy, a company is subject to compromised productivity, reputation damage, data loss and inappropriate and perhaps illegal behavior by company employees. These can lead to monetary and reputation loss and even regulatory compliance fines. To address the risk of both corporate users in the Social Media space and specific Social Media marketing activities by the company, a strong and diverse Social Media policy is required.


KRAA Security provides an analysis of your current policies and determines gaps that need to be addressed. We develop a new Social Media Policy for your organization based on an environmental analysis and company specific data. Our policy development process will provide guidelines, requirements, and training regimens and best practices specific to your organization.

A robust Social Media Policy will include but not limited to the following:

    • Business Understanding: Identify how the organization uses Social Media and how employees use it both at work and at home. Clear expectations must be in place to guide business needs and meet employee restriction requirements.
    • Corporate Policy Mapping: The Social Media Policy must interact with and complement Human Resource policies already in place for the organization
    • Clear Expectations: The policy must set clear expectation of both the employees and the executive leadership in how Social Media processes are used, who uses Social Media and what can and cannot be done.
    • Monitor – All corporate Social Media activity must be monitored and reported. Employee’s use of Social Media has to be tracked both in what is being said and how it’s being done.
    • Training and Education: The largest challenge is educating employees about the appropriate use of Social Media and how it impacts the company.
    • Cross Functional Requirements: Social Media Policy will affect just about all departments in the company. It is essential that all departments are participants in developing, implementing and maintaining high standards for Social Media usage.

How the Process Works

Our structured approach to Social Media Policy development requires access to different departments including Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing and Legal among others. This policy should be part of your overall Security Policies.