Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability scanning is the systematic identification, analysis and reporting of technical security vulnerabilities that unauthorized parties and individuals may use to exploit and threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business and technical data and information. External vulnerability scanning specifically examines an organization’s security profile from the perspective of an outsider or someone who does not have access to systems and networks behind the organization’s external security perimeter. Your external IPs be scanned once a year, once a quarter or monthly.

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Mobile Application Scanning


Mobile platforms by default make certain promises about their environment. Development teams should not rely on these promises to protect critical data and code. Architecture review and threat modeling process will includes assessing and documenting security risks in the context of use cases, services, roles and functions unique to your application. The threat modeling is performed in collaboration with your business, engineering, operations and corporate security teams to understand and create the system’s security objectives, threat profile, attacks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures from design to deployment.

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Darkweb Credential Monitoring


We provide the best approach to eliminate the biggest cause of massive data breaches, the weak and/or stolen password. We continuously monitor the dark web for stolen databases and identities, and maintains the encrypted data in our proprietary database. When integrated with an IAM solution, we can provide superior visibility into user-centric risk and the ability to automate appropriate corrective actions, preventing the abuse of compromised credentials.

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Press Release KRAA Security Awarded Top 300 Business of the South by Business Leader Media Magazine
KRAA Security Awarded Top 300 Business of the South by Business Leader Media Magazine This month Business Leader Media announced KRAA Security as one of the winners in their Business Leader Top 300 Small Business of the South. This prestigious award is given each year to honor the top business leaders in South.  The demand for Miami-based KRAA Security’s information security services and social media security is growing rapidly. Miami, FL, June 23rd, 2011 — This month Business Leader Media announced KRAA Security ( as one of the winners their Top 300 Small Businesses of the South. This prestigious award is given each year to honor the top businesses that have made the greatest impact in the business community. For the fourth consecutive year Business Leader has issued the Top 300 Small Businesses of the South award. The annual dinner highlighted the business community as Business Leader recognizes the most dynamic small businesses that have exhibited strong historical financial results, have a positive impact in the local economy and are making a difference not only in business but also in the greater community. KRAA Security offers information security consulting services to small and medium businesses.  Information security has become too difficult for a typical IT administrator to handle effectively.  Small and medium businesses are often the most vulnerable to security attacks because they lack trained security staff, and they are increasingly turning to information security services.  KRAA Security has expanded their service offering with Social Media Security assessments, Social Media Policy development and Online Training in security principles targeting best security practices, social media usage and HIPAA Security rule requirements. “We are honored to be selected as a winner in this year’s Business Leader awards. This is further validation of our suite of security assessment services is meeting the needs of our clients ” said KRAA Security founder and CEO Gary Bahadur.  “We are seeing increasing demand for Social Media Security, HIPAA Security and PCI assessments, particularly in the retail, healthcare and financial verticals. Our customers just don’t have the time and money for internal testing, so it just makes strategic and economic sense for them to call on KRAA Security to perform specific security tasks.” KRAA Security was founded in 2007 to meet this customer demand, and has been growing rapidly, and has launched additional security assessment services to meet the needs of their clients.   KRAA Security has recently launched a new product for supply chain risk management, see more details at KRAA Security is Mr. Bahadur’s third technology startup.  He was the cofounder and CIO of Foundstone Inc, a $20M security vulnerability risk management firm with offices in the United States, Singapore and India. Foundstone was sold to McAfee for $86 Million in 2004.  Prior to Foundstone, Mr. Bahadur was the President and cofounder of Ether2 Corporation. About KRAA Security: KRAA Security was founded in 2007 to address the security needs of companies in all industries with Information Security Consulting Services.  KRAA Security protects organizations from threats through a combination of preventative services in Social Media Security, PCI SAQ Audit Compliance Measures, HIPAA Security Assessment, Application Security, Network Security, Operating System Security and Compliance measures.  KRAA Security provides a comprehensive suite of Security Consulting and Products that are practical, efficient and cost effective. CEO Gary Bahadur has launched a new book on social media security “Securing the Clicks: Network Security in the Age of Social Media”   Contact: Jasmine Jones KRAA Security 888-KRAA-911 Email: