Additional Service Offerings

Every Device Connected to a Network Has the Potential to Allow an Attacker In


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Additional Service Solutions

KRAA Security is keenly aware that security evolves daily. New devices are available, new operating systems, new databases, new network devices, and the list goes on. With so many new security threats presenting themselves literally daily, you need a security vendor that not only stays current, but stays ahead of the future electronic features. KRAA Security adapts as you do, and is poised to provide additional services to address and meet your most demanding needs. The following is a list of the types of additional services that KRAA Security provides.

Hackers Want to Phish Your Passwords and Data

KRAA Security Provides Exercises to Educate Your Users on Hacker Phishing

Effective Information Security Training Programs for Any Business Need.

Effective Security Awareness Training for Developers, Team Members or your Entire Organization.

Penetration Testing and Security Assessment

KRAA Security provides ethical Penetration Testing to ensure your networks are solid against penetration hacks.

KRAA Security Solves Threats Posed by Growing Business Endpoints.

Over 50 Years of Combined Security Experience Working for You.