One-on-One Security Consulting Expertise

Customized hourly consultation plans for every digital security issue you may need.

Personal Consultations with KRAA Security Experts Upon Completion of Every Digital Engagement.

Our professionals can keep pace with a fast-moving IT landscape and possess a range of superior IT skills. We communicate effective strategies with a range of stakeholders. As consultants, we identify gaps in current IT practices and recommend best practice solutions to reduce risk and maximize business opportunities. 

Key Value Propositions for a Vulnerability Scan Include:

 Regular risk auditing and monitoring of systems.

 Compliance implementation, testing and reporting.

 Designing and testing of new IT solutions.

 Provision of business support at a high level and to a range of
    key stakeholders in relation to ongoing security  
    improvements. Crisis management where required.

 Project management and project architecture.

 Review and analysis of delivered projects.

Expert Security Consulting

Key Responsibilities

KRAA Security Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of Security services that are practical, efficient and cost effective. Our information security consultants and network security specialists conduct corporate security services and IT security risk management.

We have a combination of preventative security services. Each service tends to cover a specialist area relevant to that client. At its core, our security consulting is required to be commensurate with cyber-security, risk management, compliance auditing, testing, customer service and information assurance. They are the key point of expertise for all these areas.

 Our consultants work as an advisor and supervisor for all
    security measures necessary to effectively protect a company
    or client’s assets.

 Security Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to
    assess possible security threats and breaches in order to
    prevent them and create contingency protocols and plans for
    when violations occur.

 Identify weaknesses and potential threats to existing
    information security toolsets.

 Perform continual testing on current systems to determine
    potential problems or security threats.

 Prepare reports for internal and external clients detailing the
    security issues, making recommendations and identifying

 Conduct cloud security reviews and network security

 Provide advice on hacking tools and techniques including
    advanced malware detection.

 Formulate an IT security incident response strategy and
    implement a method of notifying parties.

 Keep up to date with the latest thinking on secure coding and
    cyber-security issues. Support the business with a range of
    compliance requirements

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Consultation Service Plans

For each of our managed service offerings, we have a 3-tier approach to cost, management and support. We can provide billing via credit card, check or wire transfer. KRAA Security provides the most convenient, flexible options for our clients. 


Per Hour

Consultation Service Plan

Our Expert Consultation services can be purchased on an hourly basis. Hourly rates currently at $174 per hour. This includes consultation on almost any digital security issues you may encounter.