David Dietrich

Managing Principle

David Dietrich is a veteran software manager and avid software engineer. His successful background includes managing 9-figure revenue projects for Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles as the Chief Systems Architect for both the Clean Truck Fee and the Traffic Mitigation Fee programs. He holds an MBA in Marketing while bringing over 25 years of experience in all phases of product lifecycle management. From product creation, to development, to implementation, profitable product management is always at the forefront of David’s philosophy. His leadership in industry is recognized on the value proposition that quality products + superior customer service = prized customers and profitable business. His modern career started on America’s railroads. He began with Safetran Corporation, the world leader in manufacturing railroad crossing and communications equipment.

As part of the communications engineering team, he spearheaded a leading role in Total Quality Management (TQM) integration between the engineering and manufacturing teams. He was solely responsible for organizing, creating and implementing the ISO 9001 software certification for the entire company. His greatest contribution was pioneering the Design for Manufacturing concepts that helped ensure all manufacturing remained profitably on shore. From 1996 through 2000 and again from 2003-2008, David served as Director of Engineering at AQUA Software, a technology systems provider for the travel industry.

While at AQUA, he envisioned, built and released 45 products targeted to travel companies whose revenue grossed $50 million + per year. These products are still operating today, interfacing to the world’s five largest commercial databases providing value and lower costs to travelers globally. best-in-class travel operations support systems. Concurrently, David was an adjunct professor at his alma mater, where he taught graduate courses on Internet E-Commerce.

He successfully harvested Pernova in 2001 through a sale to CNG Hotels, an Irish multinational firm. David then served as Chief Technology Officer at HXXD, a Beijing based, Chinese multinational firm focused on homeland security. At HXXD, David pioneered the design, manufacture and implementation of SkyEyes, a facial recognition tool aimed at finding criminals, terrorists, and other persons of interest from real-time video feeds. SkyEyes is actively used daily by Beijing Capitol Airport, transportation centers throughout China, and at strategic Chinese border checkpoints.

As a continued testament to David’s international acumen, he is fluent in the culture and language of Mandarin Chinese. When not blueprinting new visions, David is actively involved in civic endeavors. David is a trained emergency radio operator and former first responder with the Newport Beach Fire Department. He is also an active member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) where he served as its first Chief Radio Officer and is a proud servant to his local community.