HIPAA Assessments are the next wave

In February, CVS was ordered to pay a fine of 2.5million dollars by the FTC. This fine was because their employees threw out personal information about patients. Who knew poor recycling programs could cost so much? HIPAA has been around for a number of years but not until recently did we see that it has teeth and companies are going to be held accountable.  CVS has to have an assessment every other year now for 20 years. And assessments are not cheap! Assessments based on the Security Rule cover many areas of technology controls such as Firewall protection, Antivirus, Encryption, Vulnerability Scanning and much more. I am sure conducting an assessment rather than getting fines would have been much cheaper for CVS.

The definition of a Covered Entity for HIPAA compliance really reaches out to more companies than just hospitals and doctors offices. Not only companies like CVS will get fined but business partners of hopsitals and doctors offices storing patient data will be in trouble if they do not conduct Risk Assessments.

There are a number of ways to conduct these assessments, make them practical and stay out of trouble with “The Man”. One company that is pretty helpful in this regard is RiskWatch, http://www.riskwatch.com  Their software allows you to conduct HIPAA, PCI, Red Flag Rule and other types of assessments.

For security professional, these regululations provide a strong insentive for companies to get their act together regarding privacy and security of data. Its unfortunate they have to be fined first to get them to the ball rolling. But hopefully, more will take a proactive stance for compliance but also to get an ongoing security program in place.

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