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Human error accounts for more than 50% percent of the root cause of security breaches. Employees can break the multimillion-dollar defense mechanism of an organization simply by clicking on a malicious link that installs an exploit kit. On the flip side, security-conscious employees can pick up the slack where the technology and processes fail, acting as a last resort in the security defense mechanism.

Effective security awareness training is the one that can change employees’ behavior throughout an organization. By setting up reasonable goals up front and communicating them clearly to the stakeholders, we have created a productive training program that is:

 Customized and Relevant Served in Small Bites,

 Frequently Reinforces Lessons

 Uses Effective Communication Methods

 Motivates Your People

Popular Courses

Application Security

•  Application Security Top 10 (OWASP Top10)

•  Application Security Emerging Threats

•  Mobile Apps IOS Security Top 10

•  Mobile Apps Android Security Top 10 environment.

Feature and Delivery

 Delivery On-Demand 24×7

 Online Access, Instructor-Led or Both

 Interactive Engaging

 Content Quiz and Learning Games

 Hosted by Symosis or on Your LMS

 Customized to Your Security Policy and Environment

 SCORM Compliant

 Repeat Multiple Times

 Reinforce Key Concepts

 Get Activity and Completion Reports Meet PCI DSS, HIPAA and Other Compliance Requirements