Hackers Want to Phish Your Passwords and Data

KRAA Security Provides Exercises to Educate Your Users on Hacker Phishing

What You Need to Look Out For

We’ve all seen them. Those “similar” looking emails from accounting firms, shipping companies, the IRS, and credit card companies. The list goes on. Everyday our email boxes receive numerous phishing attempts whether it is a spoofed website hyperlink, an attached PDF file, or “a very important document” that needs to be opened immediately. Don’t be fooled by these attempts to gain access to your private business and personal data. With KRAA Security’s Phishing Exercises, we will train your employees what to look for in phishing, how to notice a slightly irregular website address, and many of the other techniques hackers, predators and cyber threats use to phish your most sensitive data.

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Phishing Exercise Plan Options

For each of our managed service offerings, we have a 3-tier approach to cost, management and support. We can provide billing via credit card, check or wire transfer. KRAA Security provides the most convenient, flexible options for our clients. We also have an hourly Phishing Exercises service offering at a hourly rate. 


Per Hour

Phishing Exercises

KRAA Security provides hourly rates for Phishing exercises that will train your employees what to look for, irregularities, and techniques used by hackers and remote threats to extract your sensitive data.